Nobody’s Favorite

He would like to be a TV star. He imagines his own show; a couch placed in the middle of the frame and some best buddies to provide comic relief to his comfortable bromides. He thinks about how he lights up a room when he walks in, how people must envy his natural ability to put people at ease and make them like him. A household name! Years from now kids would know his image, see his face, and not even know where it came from. He’s so sure about all of this.

What is it about this smiling bear that could rouse such contempt?

2 comments on “Nobody’s Favorite

  1. I’d say he is smiling for the same reason Barney Bear from Carl Barks is smiling in the story boingboing posted today: ‘cos he got to dring a whole case of soda and it didn’t cost him ONE CENT!

    Or maybe he ate some tourists.

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