Teen Radar Comix

Cover for a best-to-be-forgotten zine I made in the 90s. Scanned, recolored. Original is maybe 4″ square, ink on vellum.

3 comments on “Teen Radar Comix

  1. Beautiful. Moody, elegant, rich. Your best ever.

    Makes me want to read the comic.

    Is it the recoloring that gets the moodiness, or the vellum?

    And did Elvis or Jesus appear in the comic?

  2. I know, huh? Back in those days it would have been Jesus, Elvis, or Hitler – my Holy Triumvirate.

    But no, it had three continuing stories. One was a redraw of a sketchbook comic I had done while at Post, the other was a long-running space opera, and the third was series of short subjects, different every issue.

    My skills were poor, my writing so idiosyncratic as to be impenetrable. It had no fans and even few indulgent friends who looked at it because I forced it on them. Kind of like my work now.

    And yeah, I think the new coloring is making it so moody. I think that has to do with my conflicted feeling over the drawing, much of which I still like.

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