Salacious Drawings

I’m still posting gesture drawings from some time ago. I wish I could say this was leading to something, but it’s not.

Fact is that women are more difficult to draw than men. Also, they’re easier. I don’t think there’s a better way to put it. Or maybe I’m just lazy and I always draw a goofy-looking dope for a guy and leave it at that, whereas I figure the women should be more interesting, so I work on them more. These turned out kind of slinky, but I hope not too salacious. I was not trying for sexy, though some of them are pretty naked.

Keep in mind that these are costumed gesture drawings, so I do not make the poses or the outfits up. Yes, I’m stylizing somewhat, but I’m keying off a live model.

leotard_leaning my_ankle nef_reclines nice_ass_2 nice_ass pink_back pink_hmph pink_side


That hip swing on the next to last one is kind of remarkable. There’s nothing naturalistic about that, nor the legs. It may be too wacky, but I like the direction of it. Lots of back poses, I just noticed. And I’m still working out tonal issues, like in the middle nudes and the sparing use of color. But there are also some honest attempts to get drapery down to a simple line, which is kind of tough for me.

The fifth one may be a repeat. Last time Pond accused me of having a thing for asses. Who’s worse, me for posting them or him for noticing?

One thought on “Salacious Drawings

  1. Sir:

    One hesitates to be overly rude, but I must take extreme umbrage at your suggestion that, merely because one happens to be *observant,* one must, of necessity, fall prey to the very vice or habit or “delicate tendency” that one observes. Mr Sherlock Holmes was not, after all, a master criminal!

    As for ass worship, I must confess, all the same, that for one who adores the *forme feminine* all parts are fair game, as they must be, constituting the contributory aspects of the whole. If one loves women, must one love *only* the heart, the mind, and profess ignorance of the terrestrial form with which *le bon Dieu* has graced them? Womanflesh is, after all, quite delectable, and must be termed a natural, rather than an acquired, taste.

    Now on to the last 2 figurines in this day’s post, they give rise to a wonder whether the costume has influenced the exaggerated posture?

    Yrs, etc, “pond”

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