Blue Beret and Parasol Girl

That title sounds like a new Action Hero Team from a cartoon channel no one watches. But no, I’m just clearing out the desk a bit here. In fact, I went through hundreds of drawings and threw most of them out. That felt great! These are worth keeping because they usually show some kind of (minor) improvement or adjustment I’d like to remember.

Click for larger sizes.

Still working with values here. My instructor, Diana Coco, used to put a sharpie in your hand when you were being too precious about your drawing. You pretty much can’t make a great drawing in sharpie, so it removes all your expectations – you’re free to make mistakes because it’s ALL a mistake at some level. Very liberating!

Sharpie also encourages you to make big bold crazy gestures and deal with it, because there’s no going back once you’ve made a line.

These as well.


Another day, obviously also struggling with value and how to deal with color, one at a time. Another drawing from this set made it into my book, so you know how old these must have been. These are probably all 3 minute drawings judging by the size and the time I had trying to work out values.

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