Gesture Drawing Frenzy

It seems I still have a few of these. They’re older drawings and I should be making more new ones. But these are worth something – it’s kind of interesting to see some progression here.


This woman carries an unidentified stuffed animal with her wherever she goes. Or is that an actual pet?


I remember being somewhat terrified to draw her and irritated at the results. Now I like it.

Lest you think I only draw chicks and hamsters, I included this dude.


Back to hamsters. This one is a formidable foe.


She seems ready to fall over. Bonus: fanservice.


I may have posted this before, but I found a better scan of it recently. That face is Tintin-simple but I think it works with the rest.

flaming_skullBeware a Heavenly Skull. Still working on tonal values.


I can see I’m thinking in animation mode here, and maybe that’s not the best. Note that I try too hard to keep the forms and proportions from one pose to the next,as you would for animation, rather than go nuts with the expression and the gesture. It’s like a pose test.


Here, too. Although I like them, they could be wilder.


This one is starting to loosen up a bit. Legs are getting wigglier.

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