Render Farm Build 49 – Fractals

No warning is needed on this post, as it will not be overly technical. As you may be well aware, I made a render farm.  Here it is, sitting in my office: That’s with 5 render nodes on, two of them unplugged, and a master not pictured.  I ran a test over the last week. […]

Render Farm Build 48

DISCLAIMER: This is a continuing series detailing the painful story of a DIY render farm build.  It is terribly technical and somewhat frustrating.  Those who are unprepared for such “entertainment” are advised to ignore these posts. Lest these posts become a festival of fails, I’d like to provide at least a little counter with a […]

The Chandrasekhar Limit

All original material, one music video per month for 2012. February entry: Suit up, spaceman, and get ready to ride the cosmic waves of your consciousness. Enjoy the crazy math of three dimensional fractals and the cold, brittle wonder of synthesized music. Be sure to turn the sound UP and lose your identity in this […]