Gesture Comics 1

Jim Woodring, in his brilliant comic “Particular Mind,” drew the artist dreaming of struggling in a life drawing class. His pen scrawls on the paper, unable to capture the figure before him. Much to his amazement (and chagrin) the woman next to him is drawing the model as a comic strip. She is detailing he […]

Projects That Never Were – Part 3 – ROCKET!

The Naked Rabbit archives contain many unfinished and never-were projects. Some of them had difficult labors and were left stillborn. Some are still lingering in half-life waiting for an extra breath to awaken them. Some are still mewing and crying, trying to get enough attention that they might come to fruition. If only I knew […]

Yu-Gi-Oh Friday (Part 2)

Ooops! A bit late! You needed these YGO cards pretty badly, I’ll bet. If you missed the first part, try here.