Nobody’s Favorite

He would like to be a TV star. He imagines his own show; a couch placed in the middle of the frame and some best buddies to provide comic relief to his comfortable bromides. He thinks about how he lights up a room when he walks in, how people must envy his natural ability to […]

Jerky Cat

Oh GAWD, who let HIM have the mic? We’ll be here all night waiting for him to get through his lousy rendition of “Knights in White Satin.” Look at him wolfing down catnip like there’s no tomorrow – it makes him all sentimental and gropey. Please let this night be over.

The Little Germaid

No one wants to see the adventures of this microbial lass. She is full of impurity and infection! Join her microscopic friends as they multiply at alarming rates, seething with pestilence and wreaking havoc on healthy cells. Watch them all shrivel and die under the influence of antiseptic, or just from drying out and not […]