Faculty Doodles

Faculty meetings can be pretty dull.  But I’m always only a few pen strokes away from keeping myself entertained.  Over the years I’ve built up quite a collection of doodles from these meetings.  If I had thought a bit, I should have been drawing them in the same book all along.  As it stands, they are a pile of papers, agendas, meeting notes, and schedules.

Sometimes they are aimless noodling – geometric shapes, cryptologia, and asemic writing.


Far more often they are figures.

20040424 20090000-1 20091211 20100000-1 20100000-2 20100000-3 20100000-4

I like giving them names quite often.

20090000-3 2010101520110000-2


Sometimes they can get pretty elaborate.

20120120-2 20120120-1  20141023 20101115-2 20101115-3


Mostly they are disconnected figures, as if from some not-yet-designed comic book no one would read.

20150130-120150130-3 20150130-2 20110819-3 20111210 20120120-3 20120503 20140221 20110819-2 20110819-1 20110000-1 20101115-1 20090000-2

Once in a while they actually start taking on shape as little narratives.

20080000-3 20080000-2 20080000-1
Salad-Days-1 Salad-Days-2 Salad-Days-3

So far I’ve not really been caught at it.  Occasionally a colleague sitting next to me will notice, but I’ve not yet been called out on it.  Perhaps everyone is too polite.

2 comments on “Faculty Doodles

  1. Really fun. The dead guy ghost must have been a looo-oong meeting!

    Definitely get a notebook and put more of these up here. If caught, you can mention the studies showing that doodling during meetings and lectures improves recall and comprehension of what is presented. I don’t know where I saw that and like most scientific studies today it could well be bs but … still a good out!

  2. You’re the best, Pond, my faithful RSS reader. And yes, the comics are longer meetings – the second one is a true story.

    They kind of all know I doodle by now. I’m sure it irritates some of the admins still, but this is no longer elementary school, and they can’t really ask to see them. They’re probably just worried I’m drawing bad caricatures of THEM…

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