Get some Moo in You

Yes, it’s our first iApp for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Head on over to Panda Cub Productions to get your copy of iMoo, the virtual cow-in-a-can toy. Or just click this link to go directly to the iTunes Store. It’s a paltry 99 cents. Does anyone remember the software that used to be on […]

New Sketchbook

I’ve been rather lax about including any new sketches, and I’ve made a few. Maybe you would like to see them. As usual, you can click on the picture to open a larger version in a new browser window. These are from the usual Thursday Night Gesture Drawing Class I attend, hosted and taught by […]

EZ Bake

Every so often I clean out the hard drive and find something like this. Apparently I made it some time ago – who knows when? It may be as old as 2001. I do remember writing part of it, so it must have been me. It’s kind of big at around 148K, so don’t download […]

The Dewanatron Experiment

Hey, all you Los Angeles people, it’s a personal appearance from me. I’ll be onstage at this event. But don’t look at me – the real show happens with the Dewans and their one-of-a-kind hand-built synthesizer instruments! Ghettogloss presents: The Dewanatron Experiment at Spaceland Dewanatron will operate the brand-new Dual Primate Console at Spaceland in […]


The last of 2009’s shorts is now available! Sadly, for those who missed the screening back in June, there will not be a posting of the much longer work, “Anna,” which – at 20 minutes or so – is unwieldy on the Internet at best. But please, do enjoy the majesty that is “BIG DONG!” […]

San Diego Comic Con

You have one more chance to see me at the Watson-Guptill table at the SDCC.

San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Yes, you should come to see me while I’m signing the Get Animated! Book. Come talk to me about Comics and Cartoons. Seriously. SUNDAY July 26th – 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM San Diego Comic-Con – at the Watson-Guptill Table – Booth 1128

Last of the Yu-Gi-Ohs (part 6)

Finally, our series has come to a close. Enjoy these, the last in a fine series of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Click on the pics for full-size versions, print ’em out, and start winning big!

Yu-Gi-Oh Sunday (part 5)

I’ll just change the name and no one will notice.

Cat’s Head Theatre

At long last! Zero and his performing troupe lend their feline talents to a classic tale of Japanese Cinema! Yes, it was finished some time ago, and premiered at the screening in May. Now it is time to unleash upon the world. This is a good sign of things to come. There will be many […]