Hard Drive Disaster

Suffice to say this is NOT what they are supposed to look like. This serves as a warning for everyone in the Universe: back up your data! You do not want to know how many cat-heads are on that thing.

Problems with the American Animation Industry

Practices which would seem perfectly reasonable are routinely bypassed to cut costs. Planning is eschewed in favor of miscommunication, mishandling, and misappropriation of resources and funds. Most of this confusion can be traced to one single vector: a proliferation of MBAs, middle-level managers and “executives.”

Everyone We Know 4 – Paris

While we were in France, we visited some museums. This was also the perfect opportunity to fill the sketchbook with some other “people” we knew. This fellow normally lives at the Musée du Quai Branly. As does this bright charmer below. Some kind of Innuit figure, he looks like an enraged Manta Ray to me. […]

Animation Screenplays

One point I emphasize in the “Get Animated!” book is that the traditional screenplay format is not only unnecessary for good animation, it probably hurts the process. This is not an original view on the subject! In fact most people who know something about animation tend to agree.