“Everyone We Know” Web Book

  Do you remember this post? It was about a sketchbook I had kept in the late part of 2008 and beginning of 2009 for an art project. A few of those sketches turned up here and there. Oh, and here, too. At one time there was a web app called “web book” which was […]

Everyone We Know 4 – Paris

While we were in France, we visited some museums. This was also the perfect opportunity to fill the sketchbook with some other “people” we knew. This fellow normally lives at the Musée du Quai Branly. As does this bright charmer below. Some kind of Innuit figure, he looks like an enraged Manta Ray to me. […]

Everyone We Know 3

A stinky mermaid, from the same sketchbook project.

Everyone You Know 2

More sketches from the recent art project. Whereas I really didn’t “know” any of these people, I didn’t make them up, either. Even this guy. Yes, I may have added the knife and the skull. But he was there, in a restaurant in Paris. Or how about these guys?  

The Sketchbook Project Tour

I’m participating in a group sketchbook project hosted by the fine people at Art House Co-op. Over 2,000 artists received small Moleskine sketchbooks, which we then filled with “everyone we know: – the theme for the show. The pile of books will tour the country, and visitors are encouraged to pick up any book and […]

Violent Combat Robots!

Exciting Adventure in the year 203097! Thrill to the exploits of the VIOLENT COMBAT ROBOTS a team of intrepid spacemen who use the power of SCIENCE to lay waste to everyone on the planet! Serves them right!