Share My Lyrics

By popular demand, the lyrics to the A.P.E. video are below. You probably liked it better when you could not understand what they were singing. SHARE MY FRUIT I wish I could go back to the very first day I saw you standing there, you took my breath away I’m glad you didn’t see me, […]

Share my Fruit

One music video every month throughout 2012. All original songs, all original production, all original video. March Entry: The four hairy beasts that make up the band “A.P.E.” (Apes Playing Electronics) – Mungo, Gorgo, Konga, and Edgar – rock out with this song of love and longing. Yes, the A.P.E.s do try really hard, don’t […]

Radio Boredcast

RADIO BOREDCAST CURATED AND PROGRAMMED BY VICKI BENNETT (PEOPLE LIKE US) BROADCASTING ONLINE 1 – 31 MARCH 2012 as part of AV FESTIVAL 12 The Schedule for Radio Boredcast, running from Noon on 1st March 2012 to Midnight 31st March is now up! This online radio station starts transmitting at the above time, but now […]

The Chandrasekhar Limit

All original material, one music video per month for 2012. February entry: Suit up, spaceman, and get ready to ride the cosmic waves of your consciousness. Enjoy the crazy math of three dimensional fractals and the cold, brittle wonder of synthesized music. Be sure to turn the sound UP and lose your identity in this […]

The Happy Shrimp Show – Steve Johnson

All original material, one music video per month for 2012. I’m cheating by starting January with an oldie but a goodie. The Project begins with this crusty old gem from long ago. While in college I very much wanted to start a band. Unfortunately I had little to no musical ability, but that has never […]

New track on “50/50” CD

I’ve got a new audio piece on the “50/50” CD. It’s a collection of collage soundworks, each 5 seconds long, from 50 artists the world over. My piece, “The Gun is Good,” mixes samples from Zardoz, Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, The Bible, and some Drive-In theatre ad. Jon Nelson of Some Assembly […]

Anna Soundtrack

Not many people have seen “Anna,” my short narrative film from last year. It’s a bit long for the internet with a running time of 22 minutes. So you would have had to have seen it one of the various screenings last Spring. The main title theme was a little melody that had been thumping […]

The Dewanatron Experiment

Hey, all you Los Angeles people, it’s a personal appearance from me. I’ll be onstage at this event. But don’t look at me – the real show happens with the Dewans and their one-of-a-kind hand-built synthesizer instruments! Ghettogloss presents: The Dewanatron Experiment at Spaceland Dewanatron will operate the brand-new Dual Primate Console at Spaceland in […]

You Missed Me

At the Dewanatron Show Sunday night. The generous Dewans and their equally gracious pals allowed me to join their festival of music, noise, and fun. Read about it here, at the L.A. Times page. That’s Brian Dewan on the left side, Rob Zabrecky in the middle, and your narrator on the right, attempting to fit […]