Yu-Gi-Oh Friday

It’s Yu-Gi-Oh Friday! It’s some kind of complicated card game with monsters in it! You can spend all your pretty pennies buying the official original cards to play this possibly fascinating game, or you can just download and print out this new pack. Or just add to your already bulging collection! Here are five new […]

Signing at Meltdown

I’ll be doing a signing at Meltdown Comics and Collectibles in June!

Art is Beautiful

The screening last Saturday ensured that many new Naked Rabbit productions were finished. They shall be released to the site here, one at a time for interest’s sake. Why not go alphabetically? “Art is Beautiful” will be the first in a small series. Let us pity the oaf who does not experience the sublime when […]

Screening and Book Release

Click on the picture for a larger, more readable version. It’s true! I am working like a fiend in preparation for this event. Here is the information. Now you know what you must do. I will be there, attempting to look respectable as I try to make you buy something from my hideous table of […]

An Image You Won’t See in My New Film

Sometimes when you’re working on a project, accidental images are created. Here’s one of them:   How did this happen? I had isolated the upper portion of Christina’s face so that I could do some motion tracking on it. I was trying to match the skull beneath to the face on top. This meant tracking […]