Bullshit Detector

A very useful item. If you have an iDevice, you may wish to invest in one of these. Click pic to go to the iTunes Store. Apple made us write a disclaimer in case anyone thought that our program actually extended the functionality of the iPhone, making it a scientific instrument capable of sniffing out […]

Dirigibles and Submersibles – 11-14

Yet more. There’s 40 of these pages. Did I ever mention that? Leave a comment, either here or at the Naked Rabbit Facebook page.

Dirigibles and Submersibles – 7-10

More pages of this comic. There are 40 in all, so I’ll keep posting. Leave a comment, either here or at the Naked Rabbit Facebook page.

Dirigibles and Submersibles – 4-6

Here are some more pages of this comic I recently drew: If you like ’em, let me know!

Dirigibles and Submersibles – 1-3

Back in April of this year I submitted an entry to the Sketchbook Project, run by the Brooklyn Art Library. The concept was that participating artists would fill and donate a Moleskin sketchbook (approx. 80 pages) to their traveling (and eventually permanent) “library.” We were directed to choose one of several given themes, and I […]

Lulu and Bird

I learned this game from Marc Crisafulli, who had done something similar. You try to draw your pets as if they were people. The fun thing is that you do not try to make a person who resembles the cat-face or dog-face you are so used to seeing. It’s not about duplicating your hairy loved […]

I Must Have Blood!

This is definitely a crusty old treasure recovered from the ether, and here’s the story about how it came to be. I happened to find an old Betamax deck on the street sometimes last year. When I stooped to look at it, some kid who lived in the house it belonged to came rushing out. […]

Science Fiction Cast

When at a loss for something to draw, I often begin inventing characters who might be in some as-of-yet-undesigned TV show or comic book. I have dozens of these I’ve made over the years. This one appears to be some kind of Space Opera. The goal is that the name – and the character design […]