Three Graces

I’ve recently found a massive load of gesture drawings in a drawer. Some of them are a bit old, but I thought I might post a few anyway. My apologies to those who do not want to see a naked cartoon person.   Here are Three Graces: Of course, they are all the same grace, […]

Let Me Show You My Pokeymans

Whenever someone shows me how many Pokeymans there are in the world I am overwhelmed. Who could possibly collect ’em all? And what would you do with them once you did? But when I sit down to draw my own Pokeymans I realize that the PokeyCreators have really dropped the ball on some obvious designs […]

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Discuss. And yet the one I thought was OBVIOUSLY the best one never sold.

Quanto Comics: Sucker Punch

Here’s the last in the series – click for bigger size.   It is a beautiful story of two people. Like the others, this Quanto comic was originally dashed off as quickly as possible. I did redraw it so at least it was somewhat legible. Has nothing to do with the terrible movie of the […]

Quanto Comics: Day of Reckoning

Third in a series. Click for bigger size. The Duck Detective Returns! Bear in mind that Quanto Comics are made fast, without any planning, and all sorts of unexpected things can happen. That’s part of what makes them work. This was Quanto #3 from the same wild bacchanal of comix referred to here. Why would […]

Quanto Comics: Stuck Behind a Truck

Click for bigger size. This was Quanto #2 from the same wild bacchanal of comix referred to here. I’m certain that Brian Dewan supplied the title. That’s my re-inking work on it, but definitely his lettering.

Quanto Comics: The Duck Detective

      Brian and Ted Dewan made this game up when they were kids. Scott McCloud’s written about it in his last book, “Making Comics.” Now that I’ve dropped all those names, I’ll add that this latest piece is from a session playing Quanto with Brian, Scott, and Cecilia. The way Quanto works is […]

New Post Office Box

  Stop the presses! After 23 years, it’s time to say goodbye to the old Post Office Box. It was opened in 1990, near as I can figure, for the then nascent “YURI: Magazine of Tomorrow.” And it has served me well as the proper mailing address for Naked Rabbit and its subsidiary concerns for […]

“Over the Hiccups” playing in Brooklyn

Are you in Brooklyn, or nearabouts? Would you like to watch cartoons? Would you watch them even if mine were included in the program? Good, you are doing fine on this exam. Click the link above for the Facebook event, or make note of this information here: Sunday, April 7th, Big Irv’s Gallery, 7PM. Films […]