Over the Edge Radio

I’m going to be on Don Joyce’s “Over the Edge” show tomorrow night – Thursday, 15 December, 2010 on KPFA radio, starting at midnight! Listen here! You may not recognize me, as we’ll probably be using code names – do you hear that? CODE NAMES. Tune in and listen if you’re a night owl. If […]

New track on “50/50” CD

I’ve got a new audio piece on the “50/50” CD. It’s a collection of collage soundworks, each 5 seconds long, from 50 artists the world over. My piece, “The Gun is Good,” mixes samples from Zardoz, Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, The Bible, and some Drive-In theatre ad. Jon Nelson of Some Assembly […]

I guess you COULD see this piece.

They fixed it. Dan at the Nau-Haus Gallery, where the Negativland show is now exhibiting, was kind enough to find an art restorer to piece my bunny back together. Remarkable. Here is his photo of the completed TM wall of the exhibit. I am particularly fond of the arrangement of small paintings. Are you in […]

You won’t be seeing this piece!

Ooops! Something went wrong in shipping. Looks like the Texas show will be missing at least one exhibit from me.

“Over the Hiccups” Bunny in Art Show

Negativland: Our Favorite Things – November 6-28 Nau-haus Art223 E, 11th St. Houston Texas, 77008Opening reception Sat., November 6, 6 to 9 PM On display – and for sale – will be the bunny and kitty models I made for “Over The Hiccups.” This glass case holds 8 of the head models I made for […]

Rhythmus 93

From the Naked Rabbit vaults comes this retro-garde homage to 1920s experimental filmmaker Hans Richter. Richter made a series of highly formalist films, each with the name “Rhythmus.” The numbers attached to them were to indicate the year in which they were made. But Hans either got confused or wanted to claim earlier authorship – […]

Smurf Bastards

In honor of the upcoming disaster that will be the “Smurfs” live-action/CGI debacle, I dredge up this piece of nonsense. There was, at some point, a program called “Comic Book Smurfen,” which allowed you to make small comic strips with pre-arranged layouts, panels, and characters. The creative possibilities for this app were exactly one, and […]

Comics Unspooled

I’ve had a few requests to unspool the Naked Rabbit Pocket Library. Not everyone is enthusiastic about cut and paste projects like I am, and more than one user has asked that I present them in a computer readable format. Here are two: PDF version (right click to download) .CBZ version (also make with the […]

Senk Djalb

SENK DJALB? I cannot even remember making this PDF. It’s a copy of the print booklet “Senk Djalb,” a Chick-style tract I used to print up and leave on benches and in phone booths here and there. Click the pic, or here. Right-click to download. WHAT LANGUAGE IS THAT? Read it aloud – it’s pretty […]

Anna Soundtrack

Not many people have seen “Anna,” my short narrative film from last year. It’s a bit long for the internet with a running time of 22 minutes. So you would have had to have seen it one of the various screenings last Spring. The main title theme was a little melody that had been thumping […]