Bright Red Rocket will be at the super*MARKET on Saturday, December 15th @ Meltdown Comics from 11am-6pm. That means me, sitting at the table, with BRR’s DVDs and lots of weird, filthy comics to sell. Come by and say howdy. Great place to get unique, last-minute comics-related gifts for the holidays!

Violent Combat Robots!

Exciting Adventure in the year 203097! Thrill to the exploits of the VIOLENT COMBAT ROBOTS a team of intrepid spacemen who use the power of SCIENCE to lay waste to everyone on the planet! Serves them right!

Leon Makes a Noise Cats Like

It is an amazing talent. Leon Dewan has many such talents, considering he is one half of the amazing electronic duo Dewanatron, who build custom synthesizers according to peculiar algorithms and then perform with them. But Leon can not only create confusing electronic devices. He can also, by means of great effort and muscle control, […]

Aluminum or Glass?

OK, this time for real! I had originally wanted to keep “A or G” for just the DVD, but the promotions guy for the disc thought it was better on YouTube as part of the whole publicity campaign. Tell others, and then place an order for the DVD. Show those people at OCD that our […]

Now you’re famous… on the Internet.

That’s what my nephew Benjamin says to cut me down. Even a small boy knows that “virtual” means “not really,” and that if something is real on the computer, it might be fake otherwise. Despite his clear-headed pragmatism, I’m still quite thrilled to have been listed in Wikipedia.

Printing Now

The new Negativland DVD “Our Favorite Things” is at the printer’s. This package, which contains a DVD with many animated bits featured at this site (including the super-secret “Aluminum or Glass” – the subject of many posts back in April) also contains a CD featuring the smooth stylings of the “180-G’s,” an R&B cover band […]

Naked Rabbit Online Shop Now Open

After a long absence, the Naked Rabbit World Power Foundation Store is, once again, open for business. The link has always been above on the menubar, but it has been disconnected as of late. New products, new layout, and some old favorites are available again. The shop is PayPal only, a bit of a drag, […]

Cat-Head Theatre Passes Over 2 Million Views on YouTube

That’s even more people looking at Cat-Heads! If you would like to see this for yourself, you can. CHT is at this link on Yes, more Cat-Head Theatre is planned. Yes, I am finishing “Aluminum or Glass” before that happens. Yes, unfortunately, I have to work for a living as well.

Aluminum or Glass 17

There’s not been a post here in a while, and that’s because there have been no new images to add. It’s mostly tweaking the timings and making sure all the mistakes are gone. I’m quite sure that “Aluminum or Glass” will be complete very soon.   Everyone in this picture says “Good Luck, Everyone!” Good […]

Disneyland Sketch Vacation

Everyone needs a little break now and then. This is probably the most successful picture from yesterday’s trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. It’s a new idea for what will undoubtedly become the next big cartoon series.